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13th Annual Conference | March 4-7, 2018 | Austin, Texas & Online


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Salon 4 [clear filter]
Monday, March 5

9:00am CST

Content Standards and Their Consequences: How Platform Power is Reshaping Global Communications Policy
FREE KEYNOTE VIDEO (live & archived version)

Recent concerns about the rise of “fake news” have spurred debates about what constitutes “good” or “bad” information, and who gets to define these standards. Although platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter (and others) are reluctant to be the “arbiters of truth,” their role as the de-facto distribution system for all news media has made them powerful entities in deciding what content should be prioritized over their networks--or removed altogether. In this talk, Robyn Caplan explores how platforms, and the incentives underpinning their algorithmic and data-driven systems, already shape how news media content is produced, classified, distributed, and amplified online. Her talk will explore how tech utopian discourse and legal regimes established in the 1990s, led to the current moment, where the law has positioned platform companies as reluctant governors of speech spanning multiple jurisdictions and media formats. Yet, the power platforms hold is increasingly contested. As Caplan shows, governments and professional associations are challenging platforms' disavowal of their own power, but even these interventions face limitations as platform power continues to grow.

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avatar for Robyn Caplan

Robyn Caplan

Researcher, Data & Society
Robyn Caplan is a Researcher at Data & Society, and a doctoral candidate at Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information Studies under the supervision of Professor Philip Napoli. Her most recent research explores how the concept of the ‘public interest’ in media... Read More →

Monday March 5, 2018 9:00am - 10:00am CST
Salon 4
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10:45am CST

S002: Limits of Discovery Systems for Users
There is no shortage in the academic literature about the value of discovery tools and how "we done it good." This presentation will focus on interviews conducted during 2017 across 12 academic institutions and highlight the possiblity that all is perhaps not right in the world of discovery tools 


Nicholas Wyant

Head, Social Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

Monday March 5, 2018 10:45am - 11:30am CST
Salon 4

1:15pm CST

S011: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Librarian Art of Decluttering and Organizing EZProxy
EZProxy is an authentication tool for many libraries, and even with diligent updating it can get cluttered!  We’ll walk you through overhauling the configuration file and removing the cobwebs, and show you some best practices for maintaining a tidy EZProxy instance.  You'll come away feeling joy about each every stanza!

avatar for Noelle Egan

Noelle Egan

eResources & Acquisitions Librarian, Drexel University Libraries
avatar for Erin Finnerty

Erin Finnerty

Electronic Resources Librarian, Temple University

Monday March 5, 2018 1:15pm - 2:00pm CST
Salon 4

3:00pm CST

S020: Do we know what we are paying for? Assessment of use of electronic resources
Academic libraries are being required more and more to provide accountability of their e-resources spending. This session will highlight unique ways to assess use data from Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley as well as a smaller package like Safari. It also will feature how libraries are leveraging new tools to inform decisions—ensuring the library receives a good return on investment—by extracting and analyzing e-resource usage statistics.

avatar for John McCullough

John McCullough

Senior Product Manager, OCLC
John has worked in library automation for nearly 20 years. He was serving as Vice President of Product Management at Innovative Interfaces when he moved to OCLC to work on next-generation offerings like WorldCat Discovery and WMS. John has his MLIS from the University of Western Ontario... Read More →
avatar for Jan Sung

Jan Sung

Science Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Monday March 5, 2018 3:00pm - 3:45pm CST
Salon 4

4:00pm CST

S029: Alma at the Speed of Light: New Ways of Working Together to Improve Interdepartmental Workflows
This session discusses how daily routines at several academic libraries have been impacted by implementing Alma. We will discuss, with information provided by other Alma libraries through interviews, how workflows are being identified and streamlined, improvements to interdepartmental collaboration, and barriers to adopting these changes.

avatar for Calida Barboza

Calida Barboza

Electronic Resources Librarian, Vanderbilt University
Calida is new to the e-resources team at Vanderbilt University. As part of their migration to Alma, she is serving on the UI working group and the training + documentation working group. Before moving to Nashville, Calida served as the E-Resources and Licensing Functional Area Lead... Read More →

Amy Foster

Head of Collection Access and Technical Services, Montana State University Library
avatar for Ben Hogben

Ben Hogben

Access Services Manager, Ithaca College
Ben Hogben is the Access Services Manager for the Ithaca College Library and supervises thirty eight student employees and four full time staff members. Ben was the functional lead for Alma implementation for Access Services, and is currently on a team to implement Leganto through... Read More →
avatar for Rachelle McLain

Rachelle McLain

Collection Development Librarian, Montana State University

Monday March 5, 2018 4:00pm - 4:45pm CST
Salon 4
Tuesday, March 6

9:15am CST

S039: Perceived Gender Issues in Library-Vendor Negotiations
Diminishing acquisition budgets, big deal break-ups, and rising inflationary costs make negotiations between librarians and vendors even more important. With a review of the literature and a short survey among peer institutions, this brief study looks to investigate if there is a perceived gender-bias in vendor-librarian negotiations.

2/5/2018 - Update!!  Do you think that gender influences vendor-library negotiations on pricing and licenses?  Come to our presentation and hear what 200 librarians and vendors think about that!  Survey results are in and the perceived gender issues are very real and quite interesting.  Hear the story and what people had to say, and tell us how you feel on the topic.

avatar for Anne Cerstvik Nolan

Anne Cerstvik Nolan

Collection Strategist, Brown University
Anne has been at the Brown University Library for 26 years, first as Assistant Head of Reference and Head of Interlibrary Loan. Along the way, someone realized that all of the eresources work she had been doing (in addition to the other two jobs) was really a full-time job, and so... Read More →

Amy Thurlow

Regional Manager, EBSCO Industries, Inc.
Amy Thurlow has been with EBSCO Industries Inc for over thirteen years during which she has primarily been in a sales role working directly with clients within the library to negotiate pricing, contracts, and terms for databases and software. She is familiar with working with individuals... Read More →

Tuesday March 6, 2018 9:15am - 10:00am CST
Salon 4

10:45am CST

S049: Combining Forces for E-Resources: How We Organized a Hackfest for Not Necessarily Programmers
SCELC has generously supported grants for hackfests for electronic resource issues for the past two years. These e-resource-focused events welcome all experience levels, and encourage cross-training and creative thinking rather than requiring programming knowledge. We will share our planning, marketing, and program information for productive, collaborative events with tangible takeaways.

avatar for Alexa Stoneman, MLIS, MA, Dip. Lib.

Alexa Stoneman, MLIS, MA, Dip. Lib.

Electronic Resources & Instruction Librarian, Touro University California
Successful history of planning and implementing library and technology operations to enhance resources and services.

Justine Withers, MLIS

Electronic Resources Catalog Librarian, University of San Francisco Gleeson Library
classification and knowledge organization; improving display of e-resources in discovery layers, efficient record management, putting it all together

Tuesday March 6, 2018 10:45am - 11:30am CST
Salon 4

1:00pm CST

Special Session: The Messy Reality of Algorithmic Culture
SESSION VIDEO (Now freely avaliable courtesy of EBSCO)

Data-driven and algorithmic systems increasingly underpin many decision-making systems, shaping where law enforcement are stationed and what news you are shown on social media. The design of these systems is inscribed with organizational and cultural values. Often, these systems depend on the behavior of everyday people, who may not act as expected. Meanwhile, adversarial actors also seek to manipulate the data upon which these systems are built for personal, political, and economic reasons. In this talk, danah will unpack some of the unique cultural challenges presented by "big data" and machine learning, raising critical questions about fairness and accountability. She will argue that we need to develop more sophisticated ways of thinking about technology before jumping to hype and fear.

avatar for danah boyd

danah boyd

Founder, Data & Society Research Institute / Microsoft / NYU
danah boyd is the founder and president of Data & Society, a Principal Researcher at Microsoft, and a Visiting Professor at New York University. Her research is focused on making certain that society has a nuanced understanding of the relationship between technology and society, especially as issues of inequity and bias emerge. She is the... Read More →

avatar for EBSCO Information Services

EBSCO Information Services

EBSCO Information Services provides a complete and optimized research solution comprised of research databases, e-books and e-journals—all combined with the most powerful discovery service and management resources to support the information and collection development needs of libraries... Read More →

Tuesday March 6, 2018 1:00pm - 1:45pm CST
Salon 4

2:00pm CST

S062: Discovery elsewhere: using the EDS API in mobile, voice searching, and beyond
This session will look at the integration of discovery and ways to leverage the EBSCO Discovery Service API within the learning management system, within a Bento environment, within a mobile interface, within Alexa or Google Home, or within the ILS interface of the library’s choosing.

avatar for Eric Frierson

Eric Frierson

Sr. Director, Field Engineering, EBSCO
Hey! I'm the team lead for library services engineering and integration for EBSCO. This means I can answer any question you might have about integrating EDS or the EDS API into your library and campus. I'm also a developer, building applications that use our API in outside-of-the-box... Read More →
avatar for William Mischo

William Mischo

Head of Grainger Engineering Library Information Center; Berthold Family Head Emeritus in Information Access and Discover, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
avatar for Rob O'Connell

Rob O'Connell

Director of Discovery, Access and Digital Engagement, Smith College Libraries

Tuesday March 6, 2018 2:00pm - 2:45pm CST
Salon 4

3:15pm CST

S071: A Very Bad Idea: Calculating ROI in Libraries
Libraries exist in a world where everyone and every thing is expected to show their respective worth. While it is tempting to follow this model for demonstrating value it is the first step towards a system where everything will have to have a demonstrated value.


Nicholas Wyant

Head, Social Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

Tuesday March 6, 2018 3:15pm - 4:00pm CST
Salon 4

4:15pm CST

S080: Moving Beyond IP Authentication: The New Frontier in Single Sign-On
Libraries often rely on IP authentication to support resource access. Yet changing user workflows, a need for personalization and better security dictates a new approach. This session will discuss how libraries can move beyond IP authentication to one that is more secure, personalized and is easy to setup and manage. 

avatar for Andrew Nagy

Andrew Nagy

Director, Software Innovation, EBSCO
The library community is undergoing a disruption in how we use technology. It's new, it's open source, and it's community driven to support a community of innovation. Talk to me about FOLIO - the open source library services platform!

Dale Saenz

Library Director, Laredo Community College
avatar for Rob Scaysbrook

Rob Scaysbrook

Head of Sales, OpenAthens

Tuesday March 6, 2018 4:15pm - 5:00pm CST
Salon 4
Wednesday, March 7

8:30am CST

S089: Improving User Engagement: A Case Study from Caltech
This presentation by Caltech will discuss how the library integrated discovery within the front-end of the library’s choosing. The presenters will look at the use of a Drupal-based content management system to manage the front-end experience, control day-to-day content updates, and deliver an optimal experience to users without involving IT.


Laurel Narizny

Systems Librarian, Caltech Library
avatar for Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

Acquisitions & Electronic Resources Librarian, Caltech Library
Right now, I spend most of my work time obsessing about authentication, battling a link resolver, and manipulating CORAL. Please talk to me about these things! (Seriously. I need all the tips I can get.)

Wednesday March 7, 2018 8:30am - 9:15am CST
Salon 4

9:30am CST

S097: Working with Workflows: Using the FOLIO Workflow App to Support Library Operations
The FOLIO project is creating a separate workflow app, designed to provide a unified approach toward workflows. With the ability to create basic checklists, automate or trigger workflows, and share workflows with other institutions, the workflow app will tie together functionality across all of FOLIO to support system-wide operations.


Eric Hartnett

Texas A&M University
avatar for Kristin Martin

Kristin Martin

Director of Technical Services, University of Chicago

Wednesday March 7, 2018 9:30am - 10:15am CST
Salon 4

10:30am CST

Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects People and Undermines Democracy
FREE VIDEO (Click for live stream and archive version of this keynote presentation)

If you wanted to build a machine that would distribute propaganda to millions of people, distract them from important issues, energize hatred and bigotry, erode social trust, undermine respectable journalism, foster doubts about science, and engage in massive surveillance all at once, you would make something a lot like Facebook. Of course, none of that was part of the plan. This is the story of how Facebook devolved from an innocent social site hacked together by Harvard students into a force that, while it may make personal life just a little more pleasurable, makes democracy a lot more challenging.  It’s an account of the hubris of good intentions, a missionary spirit, and an ideology that sees computer code as the universal solvent for all human problems. And it’s an indictment of how “social media” has fostered the deterioration of democratic and intellectual culture around the world. Facebook grew out of an ideological commitment to data-driven decision making and logical thinking. Its culture is explicitly cosmopolitan and tolerant of difference and dissent. Both its market orientation and its labor force are global. Facebook also indulges a strong missionary bent, one that preaches the power of connectivity and the spread of knowledge to empower people to change their lives for the better. No company better represents the dream of a fully connected planet “sharing” words, ideas, images, and plans. No company has better leveraged those ideas into wealth and influence. No company has contributed more to the global collapse of basic tenets of deliberation and democracy. How did the mission go so wrong? Facebook’s leaders believed that good intentions were enough, and that blind faith in technology could generate a better world.

avatar for Siva Vaidhyanathan

Siva Vaidhyanathan

Robertson Professor of Media Studies / Director, Center for Media & Citizenship at the University of Virginia
Siva Vaidhyanathan is the Robertson Professor of Media Studies and director of the Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia. He is the author of Intellectual Property: A Very Short Introduction from Oxford University Press, published in 2017, and The Googlization... Read More →

Wednesday March 7, 2018 10:30am - 11:30am CST
Salon 4
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